Eyebrows and Waxing

Eyebrows and Waxing Newport Beach, Ca

Everyone knows that making a first impression is very important. Unfortunately, our opportunity to make a first impression is only seven seconds. In seven seconds not many words can be exchanged, so first impressions are based mainly on our appearance. You may not have had time this morning to clean up your eyebrow shape. You just had time to fill them in and go. What about those stragglers in the middle forming the dreaded unibrow? Eyebrow waxing is the answer.

Where is the best eyebrow waxing in Newport Beach?

Whether you need a full shaping done or just a simple touch up, Cristoph Salon Newport Beach CA can give you a natural-looking arch that can also complement your bone structure. We understand that all brows and bone structures are not the same. Eyebrow waxing is an art. We are there to listen to what type of eyebrow waxing styles you’d like done and give you the look you desire.

Here are a few before and after tips for the best eyebrow waxing experience in Newport Beach.

No makeup: If you’re coming in for our eyebrow waxing, it would be best to have your makeup removed. Your makeup will just need to be removed anyway in order to see the shape of your brow, ensuring we achieve the shape that you desire.

Stay Calm: The sting will only last for a moment, but the results will last much longer. It is our goal to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Moisturize: After your eyebrow waxing, it is important to keep them moisturized. Adding moisturizer to your eyebrows can help reduce the redness and possible inflammation and breakouts.

If you are interested in being treated like royalty and getting your eyebrows waxed by the best in Newport Beach, contact us today to get your appointment booked.


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