Hair Colorist Newport Beach, CA

salon hair colorist newport beach at fashion island

At Cristophe Newport Beach we provide you a wide array of professionals when it comes to getting your hair colored. We understand how important getting the right color is and at Cristophe Salon we take this job very seriously. Our talented team’s vast amount of knowledge pertaining to hair combined with their own creativity and artistry makes us the “go to” salon in Newport Beach for coloring and all your hairstyle needs.

With so many DIY hair coloring products hitting the market year after year, we have often heard the question, why pay a professional stylist to color your hair? Here are just a few reasons…

There are multiple factors when choosing the right color for your hair. Two women who seemingly have the same hair color might get two completely different results when using the same box color. Natural level, underlying pigment, skin tone, hair condition, amount of gray hair, previous artificial hair color, medication and even hormones can all play a factor in what the end results can be. At Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, your stylist will consult you on which color level will suit you best to achieve the desired results.

“One size doesn’t fit all.” The colors that come in a box, are made to color hair ranging from light blond to dark brown and coarse to fine hair. This is not good! The agent in box color that activates the lifting and depositing is often at the highest amount allowed in salons or higher! This can put your hair in danger of over processing and added stress on the scalp.

Our colorists at Cristophe Salon are professionally licensed and went to school for this. No matter how many mirrors you have it’s impossible to see the back of your own head limiting the potential of success with the DIY solutions. Color is meant to go on new growth only! That means your roots that you have grown in up to the line of your previous color. Once you overlap the previous color with new harsh chemicals you are not only causing more damage but creating splotchy, uneven color results. Again, more reasons why you should come and see one of our professional stylists at Cristophe Salon in Newport Beach.

Call us today to set up an appointment for a day and time that works best for you. And let us show you the difference our knowledge and customer service can make to your salon experience.