Hair Stylist Newport Beach, CA

Hair stylist newport beach at fashion island

At Cristophe Newport Beach we provide you a wide array of professionals for every type of hairstyle. Acquiescing out to our clients’ needs, Cristophe Salon promises you satisfaction every single time. Our talented team’s vast amount of knowledge pertaining to hair combined with their own creativity and artistry makes us the “go to” salon in Newport Beach.

At Cristophe Salon, we want to constantly educate and consult our customers on how to keep their hair healthy and looking like they visited our salon today, every day.

It’s no surprise that regular visits to the salon will keep your hair in its healthiest condition. We recommend a visit to Cristophe Salon every 4 – 6 weeks to ensure your hair is groomed and properly cared for. Whether it’s a shampoo and deep conditioning regimen, a trim or a full-on cut and style.. Allowing professionals to see you on a regular basis ensures that they can keep your locks as fresh as possible.

Another reason to keep up with regular visits is for color. A regular visit to the hair salon will ensure that your hair color remains as stunning as ever. This also ensures that your hair color stays consistent from your roots to your ends by allowing the stylists at Cristophe Newport Beach the ability to ensure your color formula is weighted correctly.

Finally, the last benefit in regularly having your hair trimmed is promoting healthy hair growth. If you treat yourself to an overall hair trim, it will help your ends remain healthy, promote growth and also keeps things consistent from a length standpoint. This also gives your stylist an opportunity to access your hair and whether you may be due for color and any other kind of treatment.

By seeing a hair professional on a regular basis you’ll ensure that your locks look their best all year round. Owners Jennifer and Scott Fontanna, guarantee a salon experience unlike anything else in Newport Beach. We use the best products and state of the art techniques to stay up to date on all the ever-changing standards, methods, and styles in the industry.

Call us, (949) 219-0920, today to set up an appointment for a day and time that works best for you. And let us show you the difference our knowledge and customer service can make to your salon experience.